• Albertans deserve a second opinion on the Health Resource Centre's empty boasts

    After racking up millions of dollars in debt and leaving Albertans stuck with the bill, Networc Health, the parent company of the private surgical facility Health Resource Centre, is hardly in a position to boast as their medical director Stephen Miller was trying to do on Tuesday."


    Albertans Look for a Better Way
    In response to overwhelming popular input from Albertans, Friends of Medicare is launching an aggressive campaign to urge the government to cease and desist from further dismantling our public health structure in this province.
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  • Public Responds to - "Liepert''s strategic attack on Alberta seniors"

    After reading this article in today's Edmonton Journal, I sent an email to Premier Stelmach asking him to respond to the charges levied against these changes.  I'll copy my email below. 
    I also sent a letter to the Editor of the Journal showing support for this article.  I hope all of you will take the time to do something similar.  (Click on the link below to go directly to the editor of the Journal.)