Vote Pledge: I’m Voting for Public Health Care!

Albertans will go to the polls on May 29th, in what will be a crucial election for the future of our treasured public health care.

Friends of Medicare has been calling on all political parties, and all candidates, to commit to supporting publicly funded, publicly delivered health care for all. We encourage you to ask your local candidates where they stand, and to pledge to vote for public health care in the upcoming election. 

With our system in crisis, public health care is a top issue for Albertans — and a top issue in this election too. This week, people in Alberta will have the opportunity to come together and stand up for the publicly funded, publicly delivered health care we all deserve. We can't let it go to waste.

That's why we created this health care voter guide, so you you all the info when you cast your vote! See what the parties have promised on seniors caremental health and addictionsshort-staffingcapacity shortages, and privatization


Will you support Alberta's public health care this election? Take the pledge! →

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