• Taxpayers Foot the Bill for Lavish Executive Expenses

    Friends of Medicare denounces the inappropriate and excessive expenses claimed by Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Allaudin Merali during his employment with with Alberta Health Services and the now dissolved Capital Health Region. It has come to light through a Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIPP) request that Merali claimed nearly $350,000 in expenses from 2005-2008, including costs for travel and hosting.

  • New Health Minister Carries Heavy Baggage

    Friends of Medicare would like to acknowledge Fred Horne’s appointment as Alberta’s Minister of Health this morning. “While we wish him the best, Mr. Horne carries a lot of baggage from his involvement with private health initiatives,” said David Eggen, Executive Director of Friends of Medicare.

  • Provincial Government Must Disclose Terms of Chartwell Contract for Seniors Housing

    While the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge pay tribute to Canada’s military at a wreath-laying ceremony at the Rotary Challenger Park, 29 seniors, including many war veterans from the Colonel Belcher Seniors residence in Calgary are facing eviction.

  • Unfair long term care rate hikes will be taken to court

    Yesterday's Supreme Court ruling to allow James Darwish and the Elder Advocates of Alberta Society's class action suit against the Provincial Government is an important step forward to re-build adequate and affordable long-term care services in Alberta, says Friends of Medicare.

  • Friends of Medicare Supports Full Public Inquiry

    Friends of Medicare is encouraged by a proposal by all opposition members of the Alberta Legislature to launch a full public inquiry into the operations of our public health system.

  • Federal Support for Healthcare and National Pharmacare

    Ms. Linda Duncan (Edmonton—Strathcona, NDP):
    Mr. Speaker, Canada's universal public health care system is lauded worldwide. Sadly, universality of care is increasingly at risk, in part due to rising costs, including prescription drugs.
  • Stand up for Better Healthcare Tour Announced

    Friends of Medicare is pleased to announce a series of town hall meetings across the province featuring Edmonton Meadowlark MLA Dr. Raj Sherman as special guest speaker.
  • Stephen Duckett - What Goes Around Comes Around

    Stephen Duckett's dismissal as CEO of Alberta Health Services comes as no surprise, says Friends of Medicare, but the finger of blame for his downfall points to both the Tory government as well as to Mr. Duckett himself.

  • Sherman bravely speaks up and gets kick outed; Duckett makes a mockery of us all and stays in

    Why is it that Raj Sherman is suspended from caucus for speaking out for Albertans, while Stephen Duckett runs free? For Dr. Sherman, it was a little late, but once he got going it was clear he was speaking out with sincerity and genuine concern.

  • Albertans deserve a second opinion on the Health Resource Centre's empty boasts

    After racking up millions of dollars in debt and leaving Albertans stuck with the bill, Networc Health, the parent company of the private surgical facility Health Resource Centre, is hardly in a position to boast as their medical director Stephen Miller was trying to do on Tuesday."