The UCP government is getting ready to make changes to our continuing care system to deliver an even greater proportion of care in-community. But we have seen no corresponding commitment to fund such a major expansion, let alone any plan to improve care or provide the additional staffing and supports that will be necessary to accommodate the addition of people with complex and high acuity health care needs to the home care system.

Alberta’s population is aging and the demand for home care services is growing. But government home care funding for 2023 didn't even cover inflation and population growthOver 127,000 people in Alberta currently rely on permanent or temporary home care every year. But far too many already struggle to access and navigate our fractured home care system.

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Without increased funding, disabled Albertans and seniors are continually denied the right to live independently, are required to rely on the unpaid labour of loved ones, and must pay out of pocket for the care they need. What’s worse, proposed co-pays mean accessing home care could soon become even more cost-prohibitive.

Albertans in need of care deserve dignity and respect, not to be treated as commodities from which to profit. Better funding is urgently needed to expand and strengthen our home care system, for all Albertans who need it now and in the future. 

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We, the undersigned, call on the Government of Alberta to prioritize increasing home care funding to: improve the quality and availability of home care services for everyone who needs it; to improve compensation and working conditions for home care workers; and, to provide the resources to support the expansion of the home care system.

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