Stephen Duckett - What Goes Around Comes Around

Stephen Duckett's dismissal as CEO of Alberta Health Services comes as no surprise, says Friends of Medicare, but the finger of blame for his downfall points to both the Tory government as well as to Mr. Duckett himself.

"Mr. Duckett took his direction from the Health Minister and the Premier", says David Eggen. "We must not let Mr. Duckett's dismissal deflect the blame from those who are actually responsible for the systemic problems in health care."
This is not to excuse Mr. Duckett for his inappropriate behaviour and actions, but neither should the public nor Mr. Duckett be surprised by what has happened.
"It's like the proverb about he who lives by the sword", says David Eggen, Executive Director of Friends of Medicare. "Stephen Duckett was hired by the Tories to slash and burn the existing health structure in this province, and he was hired to be the fall-guy when inevitably went wrong."
This crisis of leadership is the last thing we need when we have so many practical problems to deal with in our health system. Leadership needs to provide solutions, but it also needs to instill confidence that the health system will be there when we need it. Right now we are getting neither leadership nor clear answers from the provincial government.
"Mr. Duckett has been the wrong person to lead right from the beginning. The next step is make a sincere re-investment in public health care at all levels. This is what Albertans want, and desperately need right now."