Sherman bravely speaks up and gets kick outed; Duckett makes a mockery of us all and stays in

Why is it that Raj Sherman is suspended from caucus for speaking out for Albertans, while Stephen Duckett runs free? For Dr. Sherman, it was a little late, but once he got going it was clear he was speaking out with sincerity and genuine concern.

Mr. Duckett’s actions speak volumes about how insincere and disrespectful he is to the public. The “cookie incident” is just the latest in a long series of poor policy decisions and secretive actions that have damaged the proper functioning of our health system.
We recognize that Mr. Duckett has been hired to do the dirty work of this government, absorb the anger and frustration, and leave in a great flurry of smoke, accusation and severance money. At the very least then, lets trigger this plan for Mr. Duckett to leave now, so that the Conservatives don’t get a free ride all the way to next election. As for Dr. Sherman, lets support him now that he is out of the Tory caucus, perhaps he can provide us with information about what on earth we have been forced to endure over these past two years.
Albertans are owed an explanation so that this sort of assault on our health system is not allowed to happen again.