Nurses deserve support and respect during Nursing Week, and year-round

Nurses deserve support and respect during Nursing Week, and year-round

May 12, 2022

Nurses deserve support and respect during Nurses Week, and year-round

Friends of Medicare's statement on National Nursing Week 2022:

This week is National Nursing Week, with May 12 marking International Nurses Day. Friends of Medicare would like to take this opportunity to recognize the instrumental role that nurses play throughout every aspect of our health care system—a role that has been amplified and become all the more vital as we battle the disastrous consequences of a worldwide pandemic.

Alberta’s health care workers continue to be pushed to their limit on the front lines day after day. Nurses, and all of our vital front-line workers, deserve more than empty platitudes and meaningless shows of recognition this week—they deserve to know that their crucial role in our public health care system is truly valued, and they deserve to work with proper staffing, in safer, sustainable working conditions.

After all that nurses and their colleagues have endured this past year, the best recognition and celebration would be for this government to finally address the growing epidemic of violence against nurses. Rather than pursuing their destructive agenda of privatization and cuts to our public health care, and attacking the workers who provide it, our provincial government must finally show nurses and their health care colleagues the respect and support that they unquestionably deserve.

Nurses have been there for us, and now it’s time that we are there for them, by calling on our government to support our nurses. Albertans can take action by supporting a Nurses Week event near you.

In commemoration of Nursing Week 2022, Friends of Medicare extends our thanks to all of Alberta’s nurses for the vital work you do and the many sacrifices you make. We greatly appreciate you all!

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