• Quality health care being "absorbed" by 2015 budget

    Alberta Health's expenses are budgeted at $18.9 billion in 2015-2016, about $160 million lower than 2014-2015.  Health will see a $950 million cut in 2015-16 through "significant restraint measures" by Alberta Health Services (AHS), cuts to Primary Care Networks (PCNs), and drug cost savings.

  • Friends of Medicare responds to Prentice's televised address

    In yesterday's televised message from Premier Prentice, he announced that his government will be introducing a 'Health Care Levy.' The Free Dictionary defines a levy as 'a tax, fine or other punishment on (a person or business).'


  • Friends of Medicare responds to Rural Health Services Review report

    Today the Alberta Government released its Rural Health Services Review report. It highlighted and validated a number of concerns that rural Albertans have been sharing for a long time.

  • As Spring returns every year, so do "feel good" announcements in election season

    Health Minister Stephen Mandel and Alberta Health Services (AHS) CEO Vickie Kaminski held a press conference today to announce measures that aim to improve access to health care. However, the announcement raised more questions than answers. Mandel announced that they will be 'reallocating' $50 million from existing health care funds to the Peter Lougheed Hospital, South Health Campus, Misericordia Hospital, Royal Alexandra Hospital, and Grey Nuns Hospital to renovate and expand ER facilities.

  • Friends of Medicare launched petition in opposition to health care premiums

    Today Friends of Medicare launched both an online petition and a physical petition to the Legislative Assembly to urge the Government of Alberta to not introduce health care premiums. Our position is that health care premiums are a regressive tax that will negatively impact lower- and middle-income Albertans. Health care should be based on need, not on ability to pay. 
  • Premiums and cuts both wrong for Alberta health care

    February 19, 2015

    Yesterday Finance Minister Robin Campbell said the government is "keen" on the idea of bringing back health care premiums.

  • Albertans deserve answers on changes to AHS governance

    On February 6th Alberta Health Services (AHS) put out a request for proposal, inviting companies to submit proposals for the "provision of executive search services that will identify qualified, interested candidates to be considered for appointment as members of the Alberta Health Services board."

  • Revera sale is a sideshow in ongoing private health care fiasco

    Sandra Azocar, Executive Director of Friends of Medicare, issued the following statement today regarding the sale of Revera Home Health to Extendicare's ParaMed Home Health Care:

  • "Stock market" approach to health care cannot continue

    Friends of Medicare was appalled to hear that the Alberta Government is delaying the long-awaited cancer centre planned for Calgary. The government first promised funding to increase capacity for cancer care in 2005, and last year the government promised a world-class cancer facility would be open in Calgary by 2020. Now they are refusing to commit to a timeline for its completion.

  • Covenant Health cuts mean less care for residents of facilities

    Friends of Medicare will be supporting the front-line workers rallying today to bring attention to Covenant Health's significant staff realignment taking place in the long-term care section at the Edmonton General Continuing Care Centre and all care areas at St. Joseph's Auxiliary Hospital and Youville Home. In the majority of cases, staff were given the opportunity to apply for another position but with a significant reduction to their hours of work. The realignment will impact over 650 front-line staff.