Health Advocates Applaud Universal Mifegymiso Coverage

Media Release
July 24

Health Advocates Applaud Universal Mifegymiso Coverage

Friends of Medicare are pleased to see Alberta Health Minister Sarah Hoffman announce universal coverage for the abortion pill mifegymiso today.

"Today's announcement will be especially important to women in rural communities who would normally have to travel to Edmonton or Calgary for abortion," said Executive Director Sandra Azocar. "Our health system should be based on the principle of equitable access to services regardless of your postal code, and covering mifegymiso for all Albertans follows that principle."

The drug was approved in France in 1988, and now in over 50 countries. Mifegymiso is also on the World Health Organization's list of essential medicines. New Brunswick became the first province to provide universal coverage, Quebec and Ontario have also indicated they will follow with coverage in their provinces.

"This is a great step to take to improve access to reproductive health care. We are hoping to hear plans to have providers appropriately trained on prescribing the pill, and ensuring that women using mifegymiso in all communities have the proper supports during treatment,' added Azocar. "We also hope to hear other provinces agree to the same level of coverage. Access to health care shouldn't stop at provincial borders."