Alberta Can Show Leadership in Banning Pay-for-Plasma

Alberta Can Show Leadership in Banning Pay-for-Plasma

On March 31st, 2016 an Open Letter was sent to the Honorable Minister of Health Sarah Hoffman,  urging the Alberta government to  enact our own legislation banning the sale of blood and plasma as soon as possible in order to safeguard the health of Canadians and the integrity of our voluntary blood donation system:

Dear Honorable Minister of Health: 

We are pleased to see your comments from March 30 in the Calgary Sun that you are "not excited about the prospect of any pay for service," and that "paying for essential life-saving blood, plasma, those types of things, makes me quite nervous, actually."

We believe Alberta can show leadership in the conversation on pay-for-plasma and institute a legislative ban similar to Ontario and Quebec.

We have written a letter outlining our position and remain available to discuss this matter further with you.

Thank you again for your comments on this issue and we hope to hear of further action.

Sandra Azocar
Friends of Medicare - Executive Director

CC: All Alberta MLAs; All Alberta MPs; Federal Health Minister Jane Philpott; Official Opposition Health Critic Kellie Leitch; NDP Opposition Critic Don Davies