Friends of Medicare Supports Full Public Inquiry

Friends of Medicare is encouraged by a proposal by all opposition members of the Alberta Legislature to launch a full public inquiry into the operations of our public health system.

“Albertans are sick of the white wash from this government, and no one wants a witch hunt”, said David Eggen, Executive Director of Friends of Medicare. “A full public inquiry would be just the ticket to restore public confidence in our system.”
A full public inquiry would empower front line workers to share their knowledge to help improve public health delivery. It would also help to shine a light on capacity problems that lie at the root of most of our health system problems.
“We are short of long term care and acute care beds. A public inquiry could cut through the fog and let us fix this problem once and for all”, says Eggen.
Years of cuts and restructuring have left our public health system in a weakened state. Overwhelmingly, Albertans want their public health system improved and expanded, and a full public inquiry is an excellent first step towards achieving that goal.