Alberta Government on the Right Side of History with Dynalife Purchase

Alberta Government on the Right Side of History with Dynalife Purchase

Friends of Medicare are elated to hear reports that Alberta Health Services intends to purchase private lab services company Dynalife for $50 million in 2022 when its new 5 year contract expires. 

Friends of Medicare along with laboratory front line staff and stakeholders have been advocating tirelessly to prevent the privatization of lab services in the Edmonton area.

“This is good news for the public. The privatization of lab services has been an issue for us for many years, and was one of the first issues we brought up with our new Government,” said Sandra Azocar. “By eliminating duplicate administration and the need for private profit, public funds can now be directed 100% to better resourcing and staffing our laboratory services. This is a win for patients and for those looking for better use of public funds in health care.”

This will be the third time in Alberta since 2005 that private lab services have been brought back under the public umbrella. Under then Premier Klein in 2005 Edmonton region hospital lab services were brought back under hospital management after they had been privatized. Shortly after in 2006 the privatization of lab services in Calgary was reversed after a 10 year failed experiment in private delivery.

“We don’t know yet how the laboratory work will be organized after the purchase. We are hoping to see the services brought directly under Alberta Health Services without adding a layer of additional administration like we see under Calgary Lab Services, so that the work can be fully integrated into our health care system,” Azocar added.

“We also hope this decision leads to further examination of the shortfalls of private delivery, and a reversal of their expansion. From long-term care to diagnostics, it’s time to have a conversation about the benefits of public delivery, and start taking action,” continued Azocar.