Covenant Health cuts mean less care for residents of facilities

Friends of Medicare will be supporting the front-line workers rallying today to bring attention to Covenant Health's significant staff realignment taking place in the long-term care section at the Edmonton General Continuing Care Centre and all care areas at St. Joseph's Auxiliary Hospital and Youville Home. In the majority of cases, staff were given the opportunity to apply for another position but with a significant reduction to their hours of work. The realignment will impact over 650 front-line staff.

"Patient care and safety will be immediately impacted by cuts to front-line staff," said Sandra Azocar, Executive Director of Friends of Medicare. "Those who will be hit the hardest are the residents with the highest needs, including those with dementia and chronic pain."

The changes are expected to save $1.4 million per year. Covenant Health says the cuts are being made with a 'focus on resident needs and sustainability.'

"These cuts may make Covenant Health more financially stable as an organization, but fewer front-line staff always means less care for residents," said Azocar. "It is simply not true that these cuts are being made with a focus on resident needs."