Albertans in Ottawa lobbying for Pharmacare and Stronger Public Health Care

Albertans in Ottawa lobbying for Pharmacare and Stronger Public Health Care

Friends of Medicare, along with over a dozen advocates and health care workers from Alberta, are in Ottawa this week to take part in the Canadian Health Coalition’s Health & Hope Lobby on Parliament Hill.

OTTAWA — Participants from across Alberta will be meeting with Members of Parliament from all three of our federal parties, as well as Senators, to push for universal single-payer Pharmacare, safer long-term care, expanded public health care, and to stop privatization through the enforcement of the Canada Health Act. Friends of Medicare is also proud to support the rally for public health care on Parliament Hill tomorrow afternoon.

“Canadians are struggling to receive timely access to care, frontline health care workers are burning out, and our hospitals are under constant strain. Many provincial governments, like Alberta, are taking this opportunity to push forward with privatization schemes, while failing to sufficiently invest in and protect our public health care,” said Chris Gallaway, executive director of Friends of Medicare. “But we know that profit doesn't care. We need the federal government to be a strong partner in protecting public health care, expanding coverage, and reining in privatization.”

Advocates from across the country converging in Ottawa at a crucial time for finally achieving drug coverage for all Canadians through universal, single-payer Pharmacare. The March 1 deadline for the government to introduce legislation to implement a plan for national Pharmacare is quickly approaching, and NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has made it clear he expects the Liberal government to meet this deadline for the Confidence and Supply Agreement between their parties to continue.

"At a time when the rising cost of living is impacting so many households, it has never been more important for our politicians to step up to ensure that everyone has access to the medications they need,” said Gallaway. “The Liberals have promised us universal, single-payer Pharmacare in the last three federal elections, and again in the Confidence and Supply Agreement. They have been in power for over eight years, and their government has developed a comprehensive road map to get Pharmacare done. So enough with delays and stalling; it’s time for this government to finally deliver on universal drug coverage for all.”

Friends of Medicare strongly encourages all Albertans to amplify this call, by taking action now to ensure the federal government keeps their promise to introduce legislation in support of universal, single-payer public Pharmacare in the days ahead.


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