AHS Plan to Cut Nursing Positions Decreases Alberta''s Health Care Capacity

Friends of Medicare is appalled by a document released by Alberta's NDP today showing that Alberta Health Services (AHS) plans to cut 200 full-time nursing positions in Alberta.

"In an already over-streched system, this attempt to save money by eliminating front-line staff can only be seen as non-sensical," stated Sandra Azocar, Executive Director of Friends of Medicare.  "This so-called workforce transformation is creating havoc in our health care system."


The Alberta government has pledged that the 'workforce transformation' will not have a significant impact on patient care. The plans to lay off nurses show that is not the case.


"Since January we have seen piecemeal staffing cuts and closures of beds in health facilities across the province," said Azocar. "The piecemeal cuts have now become the full meal deal, and it needs to stop."


The government has consistently claimed that it is focused on building more capacity in the health care system, but these actions appear to go in the opposite direction.


"Building capacity and efficiency in our health care system should mean more front line health care professionals - not less," indicated Azocar.


Friends of Medicare is calling on the Minister of Health and Alberta Health Services to put a stop to the layoffs and to reexamine the impact that this work force transformation and scheduling optimization will truly have on our health care system. 




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Sandra Azocar, Executive Director

Friends of Medicar