It's Time for a New Health Accord

Today March 31st, marks 12 years since the last negotiation of a Canadian Health Accord. That accord had expired in 2014. We continue to see aggressive and increased privatization, from pay-for-plasma to private MRIs and much more. We have stalled on progress towards a national seniors strategy and still do not have a commitment to a national public drug plan. The need for a new accord is clear.

Thankfully our new federal government made a commitment to renegotiate a Canada Health Accord with our provinces and territories. The first meeting happened in January in Vancouver where we joined with our partners in the Canadian Health Coalition to deliver messages of support for a new accord and an expanded Medicare system to Minister Philpott.

We need to keep the pressure up and ensure our voices are heard in these negotiations. We will continue to insist on a Medicare system where everyone can access all medically necessary services regardless of ability to pay.

Follow this link to read the Canadian Health Coalition's letter to Canada’s Health Minister.

Please share this letter with friends, neighbours and your Member of Parliament. We need everyone talking about the need to improve and expand our Medicare system.

You can find your Member of Parliament by your postal code at this website.