Apr. 23 '14

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Apr. 15 '14
National Medicare Tour with Wendell Potter & Michael McBane

Apr. 12 '14
National Medicare Tour in Edmonton

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Apr. 13 '14
National Medicare Tour with Wendell Potter & Michael McBane

Feb. 7 '14
How Things Improve When Things Go Wrong

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Nov. 13 '13
Seniors Care Tour in Whitecourt

Nov. 12 '13
Seniors Care Tour in Grande Prairie

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Apr. 15 '14
National Medicare Tour with Wendell Potter & Michael McBane

Nov. 6 '13
Seniors Care Tour in Calgary

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Nov. 7 '13
Seniors Care Tour in Sundre

Nov. 7 '13
Seniors Care Tour in Red Deer

Lethbridge  read all
Apr. 14 '14
National Medicare Tour with Wendell Potter & Michael McBane

Nov. 4 '13
Seniors Care Tour in Lethbridge

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Apr. 11 '14
Alberta health care can be better, but not through lawsuits and a two-tier system

Mar. 26 '14
3 Easy Ways to Take Action on March 31st to Protect Canadian Medicare

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Feb. 10 '14
Improvements in health-care system showcased

Mar. 8 '13
Budget will hurt long-term care services

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Dec. 19 '13
Cancer patient failed by flawed system: report

Jan. 31 '13
Funding formula will make health-care crisis worse: group

National Medicare Tour with Wendell Potter & Michael McBane Coming to Alberta Cities, April 12th to 15th

The National Medicare Tour being coordinated by the Canadian Health Coalition is coming to Edmonton, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, and Calgary. It will feature prominent American public health care advocate Wendell Potter and the Canadian Health Coalition's National Coordinator Michael McBane. The focus will be on getting the Harper government to return to the negotiating table with the provinces to ensure strong and stable public health care across Canada.
Click here for more information on the tour and for details on the individual events.

Canada Needs a New Health Accord

The Canadian Health Coalition organized actions across the country on March 31, 2014, the day the current federal health accord expired, to pressure the federal government to come to the negotiating table with the provinces. In Alberta, we conducted a campaign to ensure the public and the politicians know that we need federal leadership to protect public health care in Canada. 
Click here to read CBC's national coverage of the day and here to send a message to your MP to stand up for public health care.
The following video featuring Kiefer Sutherland, grandson of Tommy Douglas, was released by the Canadian Health Coalition on March 31st.

Provincial Budget Cuts Per Capita Health Care Spending, Acute Care Services
Health Care Cuts

The budget delivered by the Alberta Government on March 6, 2014, included cuts to overall health care spending per person and specific cuts to acute care services. The result will simply be less health care for Albertans.
Click here to read our news release on the budget.

Save Canada's Medicare System

A case currently before the BC Supreme Court is being called the most significant constitutional challenge in Canadian history. The wrong result in the case could turn Canada’s Medicare system into a US-style system – without the public having a say.
Click here for the most up to date information on the case.

Slave Lake Area Residents Hold Protest at Alberta Legislature

Friends of Medicare and Concerned Citizens of Healthcare - Lesser Slave Lake held a protest at the Alberta Legislature on Tuesday, March 4th.
The groups are calling for Health Minister Fred Horne to act to save four Slave Lake doctors who are being forced to leave the community and also to restore health services, such as maternity care, that have been removed from the community.
Click here to read our press release issued for the protest.
Click here to read quotes from Alberta Hansard related to the Slave Lake situation from the March 4th session.

WATCH: Doctors Say Universal Pharmacare is a Common Sense Proposal

Canadian Doctors for Medicare has just released a new video explaining why a universal pharmacare program makes sense for Canada. It will improve the health of patients and will save money in our health care systems at the same time.
Click here to watch the video. 

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