Webinar: Keep our blood system public!

On July 8, UCP MLA Tany Yao tabled Bill 204: Voluntary Blood Donations Repeal Act. With this bill, MLA Yao intends to repeal Bill 3: Voluntary Blood Donations Act, which was put into place in Alberta to protect and enshrine blood and plasma as public resources under law, and to prohibit them from being treated as a market-based commodity. In the midst of an ongoing pandemic, Alberta could begin allowing for-profit brokers, introducing unnecessary competition to voluntary donations and threatening our blood and plasma supply.
Join Friends of Medicare and guests, Kat Lanteigne and Michèle Brill-Edwards, for an online conversation as we discuss the importance of keeping our blood collection system voluntary and public, and consider the current threat Bill 204 poses to Canada's blood & plasma supply.
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Kat Lanteigne is a Toronto based writer, actor and safe blood advocate. Her play, Tainted, which tells the story of how the tainted blood crisis impacted Canadian families, premiered in 2013. Kat was the lead advocate who successfully petitioned the Ontario Government to ban private paid plasma clinics from opening and subsequently toured her play to support the legislation. In December of 2014 The Voluntary Blood Donations Act was passed in a unanimous vote in Ontario.

The tainted blood crisis and the Krever Inquiry have been at the center of her life’s work as an artist; she is proud to be the Cofounder of BloodWatch.org as a continuation of this work. Kat is on an ongoing cross-country tour to stop private plasma clinics from gaining a foothold in order to safeguard the integrity of Canada’s blood system.

Dr. Michèle Brill-Edwards is a pediatrician and the Canadian Health Coalition’s longstanding Board Member responsible for blood and plasma issues.
Most recently, Dr. Brill-Edwards testified in support of maintaining voluntary donation of both blood and plasma in Canada during the Senate hearings on Bill S-252 to ban payment for plasma in Canada.

Dr. Brill-Edwards has unique expertise in Canadian drug regulatory science, medicine and law, as Canada’s former senior physician responsible for the regulation of clinical trials and market approvals of prescription medicines in Canada.

Following her resignation in 1996 to blow the whistle on Health Canada’s safety lapses, Dr. Brill-Edwards has provided pro bono expertise to organizations that protect whistle-blowers and promote the regulation of medicines in the public interest. She advised blood-injured groups extensively throughout the Krever Inquiry years, explaining the regulatory negligence of Health Canada and the Canadian Red Cross in causing Canada’s tainted blood catastrophe.

She has recently retired from clinical practice and teaching in Pediatric Emergency Medicine at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario [CHEO] in Ottawa.

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July 14, 2020 at 6:00pm - 7:30pm