Friends of Medicare was created and exists not only to support the ongoing democratic and public funding of health care, but to oppose privatization and advocate for services to be delivered by an accountable Government Ministry.

Private care delivery is counter to the goals of an equitable and even well managed system of care for the following reasons:

1. In areas not covered under strict regulation, cost becomes a barrier to receiving timely and quality care.

2. Unnecessary duplication of administration.

3. Efforts to attract Doctors and other staff to private clinics can often drain needed resources from the public sector.

3. Adding profit margins, corporate sponsorships and fund raising as an extra component, taking the focus away from care delivery.

4. De-unionization of staff and inequality between staff. The staff who support and provide our care should be of equal value regardless of which building they work in or who signs their paycheque. 

5. Lack of transparency: many private care and service contracts are kept confidential.


What we don’t need in our health care system are private solutions to a public problem.  Allowing and encouraging profiteering in our health care system goes against the values of equity and fairness that our health care was founded on.  Private for profit health care is a sickness, not a cure.

Friends of Medicare is opposed to the development of a parallel private for-profit health care delivery system.

Friends of Medicare opposes the contracting out of health care services, and advocates for those services to be brought under public operation.