Primary Health Care

Primary health care is the first place people go for health care or wellness advice and programs, treatment of a health issue or injury, or to diagnose or manage physical and mental health conditions.

In Alberta access to primary care delivery models has left many suspecting misplaced priorities including the profitability of clinics and networks vs. quality care outcomes. Alberta's fee-for-service physician remuneration model has resulted in one of the biggest cost drivers for our health care that may prioritize volume of patients over quality treatment.

All Albertans would love to have continuity of care and access to a family physician. We should not have to sit in an ER room for hours to have access to a physician. We deserve timely care from a physician who has time to learn about our health needs. We want to see an improvement in the access, timeliness, and quality of primary care, but we need to know if these programs are the best way to achieve those goals before we continue to expand and fund the existing Primary Care Networks.

Friends of Medicare supports a primary health care policy and delivery model that focuses on the following goals:

People Centred - Partnering with patients and their families, to offer an excellent care experience, timely access, and continuous improvement in the quality of care.

Team Delivered - Working collaboratively in interdisciplinary teams within a supportive workplace, and with a broad range of skilled professionals who are fully engaged in serving people’s needs.

Funding priorities - ensuring the best value for dollar in delivering quality care as the number one outcome.

Community Driven and Governed – where a vibrant and healthy community is created, where health and social needs are met and individuals are supported and empowered to take responsibility for their own health through evidence based decisions and the support of our front line workers.