Make Revera Public!

Seniors living in continuing care have suffered the greatest impact of the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, and Alberta is no exception. Across the country, companies are failing to hire enough staff, and to implement necessary protections to keep residents safe. If nothing changes, 2,000 more people in continuing care in Canada are expected to die by year's end.
Private and non-profit continuing care operators have received over $200 million from the Alberta government in COVID-19 relief funding, but no one has held them accountable to ensure that this extra funding is going to keep residents and staff safe. While residents, families and care workers are suffering, these private companies and their shareholders have been profiting from public funding.
But for the advocates who have long called for action to address the ongoing crisis in our continuing care system, the tragic toll of this health care crisis comes as no surprise. COVID-19 has exposed the many shortcomings of our seniors’ care, borne of decades of privatization and perpetual cost-cutting, and people have died preventable deaths as a result—What we are seeing now was decades in the making.
Private care operators are notorious for putting profit ahead of patient care, providing poorer working conditions and fewer hours of care to residents each day. But while all private facilities are seeing the same dismal impacts of this pandemic as a result of their business models, Revera Inc. presents a unique possibility for change—we have the power to take Revera into public ownership! Revera is a multi-billion dollar private continuing care operator that owns more than 500 facilities across Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, including 22 in Alberta alone. By taking Revera public, we can reimagine long term care and better protect our loved ones and their caregivers.
Enough is enough! Watch the video and learn why we need to make Revera public.