Kill Bill 30!


In the wee hours of July 29, the government passed Bill 30: Health Statutes Amendment Act, after limiting debate to just one hour. Dozens of amendments proposed by the opposition were thrown out. This omnibus bill will make sweeping changes to Albertans’ health care, including repealing or changing 9 pieces of existing health legislation. Albertan patients and health care workers alike have been incredibly vocal in their opposition to the privatization of our public health care system, but the government—who Albertans elected to represent them—weren't willing to hear it.
The changes contained in this bill have the potential to turn over our resources, health care dollars and staff to private companies that will be subsidized by public health care dollars, rather than putting them towards improving our existing public health care system for the benefit of ALL Albertans. Passing Bill 30 and the privatization it opens the door to is an irresponsible and callous move from this government, especially at a time when Albertans and their families are reeling from the health and economic impacts of COVID-19.
The UCP hold a majority government, but we have our voices! It is up to all of us to make sure they are held to account. Friends of Medicare is calling on Albertans to say NO to privatization and to urge this government to uphold the foundational principles of equity and compassion that underlie our public health care system.

Here's how to help:

1. Tweet & post about #Bill30

Spread the word far and wide on social media! Tell your networks how Bill 30 will harm Albertans and threaten our public health care.  Tag the Health Minister and your MLA. Follow FOM and share our posts.

2. Call your MLA

Your MLA is your representative — make sure they know exactly what impact Bill 30 will have on you and your family. Demand to know how they are protecting public health care on behalf of Albertans. Flood their lines, flood their emails, and make your voice heard!

3. Contact the Health Minister

Let Minister Shandro know in no uncertain terms that you do not support his bill and that he must not privatize our public health care!
Phone: 780 427-3665

4. Join Friends of Medicare

Become a member and help us to continue our work to fight for an equitable public health care system for ALL Albertans — one based on need, and not the ability to pay.