Send a Message to Premier Notley!

What's Your Message to Premier Notley?


Friends of Medicare are on the move next week! We will be in Whitehorse July 20 - 22 where Provincial and Territorial heads of Government meet at the Council of the Federation (COF). We will be joined by our national partner the Canadian Health Coalition as well as provincial and territorial coalitions to send a message to our representatives to keep health care on the agenda.

With ongoing talks to negotiate the Canada Health Accord, we are supporting the Canadian Health Coalition's calls for leadership and accountability on health care from our Federal Government.

  • We want to see predictable, adequate and increased funding from the federal side. 

  • With that funding stake the federal government should use their involvement to effectively monitor and enforce the Canada Health Act. 

  • We need to see equal access to equal services for all Canadians regardless of which Province or Territory they live in, with national standards of care tied to funding.

  • There should also be federal leadership to expand public health care through a national public drug plan and a seniors care strategy, with 50% federal funding for these and any other new programs.

You can send a message through the Canadian Health Coalition survey online and we will be delivering the messages next week. Let us know what you want to see from the health accord and a national drug plan and why it's important to you.

We will also be live tweeting the days activities on July 21. 

Be a part of the action! 

Share your message via twitter that day as well.

Use hashtag #COF2016

Some people to tag in your tweets: 

Premier Rachel Notley @RachelNotley

Federal Health Minister Dr. Jane Philpott @janephilpott

Alberta Health Minister Sarah Hoffman @shoffmanAB

Don't have twitter? Send us your message and we'll tweet it out for you!