Budget Week News Roundup

Executive Director Sandra Azocar's comments made it into Edmonton Sun coverage of the new budget:

""We're going to finally start opening up the door and changing the course we were on before from a corporate culture into a vision of expanding and protecting our public health care."

Budget Week News Roundup

Sandra was also featured in an interview on Alberta Primetime discussing health care aspects of the budget.

There are also some upcoming events in Edmonton we wanted to highlight:
This Thursday, November 5 starting at 7 pm there is a tribute to past Public Interest Alberta Executive Director Bill Moore-Kilgannon.
We'll also be attending the 19th annual conference of the Parkland Institute at the University of Alberta from November 20 - 22. Titled "What's Left?" the conference will look at the change in Government in Alberta and what it can mean for progressive politics here and across Canada.

Details and tickets available through Parkland.
And a quick note on changing faces in our organization, last week we were joined by Trevor Zimmerman on staff who will be working with Sandra in a communications and administrative capacity. Trevor has been involved with Friends of Medicare since the 2005 No Way to the Third Way campaign and has experience as an AUPE organizer working to Save Alberta Hospital Edmonton and exposing many issues within private continuing care.

We hope you all have a good week.