Budget 2021 Webinar

Alberta's 2021 provincial budget was passed on February 25, and despite promises from the UCP government that health care would be the priority, it was clear that this budget was a disingenuous attempt to cover the privatization of our health care. If we have learned anything from this pandemic, it should be that we all depend on well funded, staffed and resourced public health care. Albertans need a more responsive public health care system, and that can only be achieved by improving and expanding our current system, not by imposing private, for-profit alternatives.

On April 1, Friends of Medicare was joined by Lorian Hardcastle (Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law & Department of Community Health Services in the Cumming School of Medicine at the U of C) and Alejandro Pachon (Senior Researcher at Canadian Union of Public Employees), for an online conversation on the 2021 provincial budget, and what it means for Albertans and our health care system.

Watch the recording of the event: