AB Seniors 2019

Every dollar that goes into profit is one that’s taken away from quality care for seniors. 
We need to get profits out of seniors care.

Seniors deserve a comprehensive continuing care system. When we or our loved ones need care, we’re often faced with a confusing labyrinth of referrals and departments. 
We need to build a system that is easy to access and navigate.

Employees at seniors facilities are stretched thin. Understaffing means burnout for the staff, and decreases in quality care and attention for us and our loved ones. 
Working conditions are care conditions. We need legislated staff-to-patient ratios to ensure quality care.

The Alberta continuing care system offloads the cost of essential items onto seniors and their families. 
We need a system that cares for everyone, based on need, and not ability to pay.




Authorized by Friends of Medicare (780-423-4581) & Public Interest Alberta (780-420-0471)