Stand up for our public blood system

TAKE ACTION: Keep our blood system public!

On July 20, the Standing Committee on Private Bills and Private Members' Public Bills voted for Bill 204: the Voluntary Blood Donations Repeal Act to proceed to the legislature for debate. This insufficent, 3-page Bill, introduced by UCP MLA Tany Yao, aims only to repeal Bill 3: the Voluntary Blood Donations Act (2017), which was put into place in to protect and enshrine blood and plasma as public resources under law, and to prohibit them from being treated as a market-based commodity. Now, in the midst of an ongoing pandemic, Alberta could begin allowing for-profit brokers, introducing unnecessary competition to voluntary donations and threatening Canada's blood and plasma supply. 
MLA Yao purports that his Bill's intended objective is to increase the supply of blood and blood resources, but in fact, corporatizing such an essential part of our health care system will only put our supply chain at risk.

Learn more about our public blood system & Bill 204

Friends of Medicare sent a written submission to the Standing Committee ahead of their stakeholder hearings today. We recommended that Bill 204, which will do nothing to improve our self-sufficiency be voted down, and for Alberta to instead support the Canadian Blood Services' ongoing strategy to increase unpaid plasma clinics and move towards self-sufficiency in our plasma supply.

Read our submission!

Stand up for our public, voluntary blood system! Here's how:

1. Contact MLA Tany Yao

Call and email MLA Yao, and let him know in no uncertain terms that you do not support his bill and that he must not corporatize our public blood system!
Phone: 780-790-6014

2. Contact your MLA

Your MLA is your representative — make sure they know exactly what impact Bill 204 will have on you and your family if they allow private blood brokers to introduce competition into our public blood system. Tell them that Albertans' blood is NOT for sale! Flood their lines, flood their emails, and make your voice heard!

3. Contact the Health Minister

Let Minister Shandro know that our blood and plasma are vital medical necessities and essential public resources that must not be allowed to be sold off!
Phone: 780-427-3665

4. Spread the word!

Share this call to action! Tweet and post about Bill 204 on your social media! Encourage your networks to join you in standing up for our public health care system, and saying #NoPaidPlasma. Tag the Health Minister, MLA Tany Yao and your MLA. Follow FOM and share our posts.

5. Join Friends of Medicare

Become a member and help us to continue our work to protect public, voluntary blood donations in Alberta! Your support is vital in our fight for an equitable public health care system for ALL Albertans—one based on need, not the ability to pay.