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 Petition to the House of Commons on Pharmacare for Everyone

WE, THE UNDERSIGNED RESIDENTS OF CANADA, draw the attention of the House of Commons to the following:

  • Canada is the only developed country in the world with a universal health care program that doesn’t include a universal prescription drug plan.
  • Instead, our multiple-payer system has resulted in the second highest prescription drug costs in the world next to the United States.
  • 5 million people in Canada can’t afford to fill their prescriptions. Many are splitting their pills or skipping days to stretch the prescriptions they do fill.
  • 91 percent of Canadians believe our public health care system should include a universal prescription drug plan.
  • A national pharmacare plan makes economic sense and it would combine the purchasing power of all Canadians under one plan. An annual investment of $1 billion by the federal government would save people upwards of $7.3 billion a year on the medications they need.
  • It would also mean consistent and equal access to prescription coverage for everyone in every province and territory.

THEREFORE we call on the Government of Canada to work with provincial and territorial governments to implement a universal prescription drug plan by 2020 – one that covers everyone, regardless of their income, age or where they live.

For more information on this campaign or for other ways to get involved, visit, or contact Friends of Medicare at or 780-423-4581.

Want to do more? Download the petition to print and distribute within your circles, and return them to Friends of Medicare by mail or email. Download the PDF here.

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